Gone fishin…

Ok, this is my last one from this location…..maybe 🙂

Family time…

Ok. So I’ll admit it. This is my new favorite place to shoot. Click on the pic…it looks much better larger.

Side by side…

Nothing like walking with a good friend by your side.

Only as strong as…

Another shot from a recent photo walk.

Busy as a bee

Found this little guy on a walk around a nearby lake today.

Mellow Yellow

Went for my first picture hunt today in a long while. I haven’t updated this blog lately. Trying to get back on the wagon.


Wrong side of the tracks?

This is pre D700 🙂 The weather is starting to warm up so I took the opportunity this past weekend to move around some. I found this dilapidated structure near to some old train tracks. Definitely a location that I will be revisiting – looks like a nice spot for some interesting ‘story shots’. TIA for your comments.


Gearing up (no pun intended) to take my photography from a hobby to a business. This was delivered today . First prize goes to the person who can decipher the name of this post 🙂 TIA for your comments.


Another post from my visit to Brookside Gardens this weekend. TIA for your comments.


Took the munchkin to Brookside Gardens today.She had a fantastic time and I got an opportunity to whip out the macro. TIA for your comments.

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