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DP78: Discarded

Its been a rough few days with my external drive crashing and all. Got a new one today, and will be doing a much better job of backing up my stuff. Today’s image was taken at a nearby park, a sad reminder of how we oftentimes lapse when it comes to taking care of our surroundings and our green spaces. TIA for your comments.


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Technical difficulties

No pic today. My external hard drive crashed this weekend. I had the thing for a month. Ain’t technology grand.

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DP77: Energy line

Today is one of those days when I’m just trying to ┬áhit my quota. I’m pretty busy tonight so I wanted to make sure I got my picture in. This is the kind of stuff you find when you walk around the house. TIA for your comments.

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DP76: In case of emergency

I pass by this wall very often on my way into the mall where I sometimes have lunch. I always felt it would make an interesting image. Today I had lunch alone so I was able to stop and take this picture. TIA for your comments.

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Took a walk at a nearby park today. It was great to see everyone outside enjoying the transition from summer to fall. TIA for your comments.

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DP75: That vintage look

I decided to go for a vintage theme today. What better way to do that than to make a picture of something called vintage and process it in such a way so that it looks antique (well I think it looks antique). TIA for your comments.

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So I got this a couple of weeks ago and as of yet, I have not been able to test it out. This is as far as I’ve gotten with it, and as you can see from the shadow on the left side, I still have some ways to go. I used the clone tool on it, but it was a real hack job, so I just left it alone. Rest assured though, I will figure it out. TIA for your comments.

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