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Another of my images from my trek to Great Falls, VA. TIA for your comments.


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DP112: Waterfall

I went off to Great Falls VA, early this morning, This is my first ever attempt at trying to get the elusive (to me anyway) silky waterfall. This branch of photography is not so simple. TIA for your comments.


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Well they’re not really ducks, they’re actually Canadian Geese, but ‘Canadian Geese in a Row’ doesn’t sound as snappy. Anyway, at least they’re in a row…….sort of. TIA for your comments.

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Autumn constantly amazes me with all its color. TIA for your comments.

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I’m planning a drive to Great Falls VA on Saturday morning so I’m practicing my long exposure. I’m going to great falls because I want to get some nice water images, so hopefully I’ll get some interesting shots. TIA for your comments.

Edit; based on the very first comment I actually went back and cropped the original image. To tell the truth I think I actually like the cropped one better. What do you think?

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DP108: Spicy

We spent this weekend in the Big Apple. Our last morning there we stumbled upon a flea market. This picture was taken at one of the boots that was selling spices. TIA for your comments.

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DP107: Flaming red

I tried my hand at some PSE processing with this one. Red is not my favorite color, but I like how this turned out. TIA for your comments.

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