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Sometimes a cup of tea is just what you need….oh well, at least I have a cup.TIA for your comments.


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Upon this rock

Still searching for that perfect sunset picture. TIA for your comments.

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Sometimes when you leave your tripod at home, all you can do is work with what you have and put the camera on the hood of your car. My lack of a tripod though, left me with limited vantage points from which to make the picture. Note to self……always have tripod in car. TIA for your comments.

PS: The more astute among you may notice that I’ve changed the name of this blog. The whole 365 project has gone to hell in a hand-basket. I need to be honest with myself. My love for photography, however, has only increased., and I am hoping to launch out into portrait photography in the near future.

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My wife visited ‘The Big Easy” a few weekends ago and brought these sweets back. They’re good stuff. Admittedly, this image is nothing special, but it did give me a chance to practice my lighting. This was lit from above with an ordinary reading lamp and from camera right with an SB600 triggered remotely from my camera. TIA for your comments.

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I’ve decided to make a concerted effort at landscapes. I like the vibrant colors here . It’s amazing the amount of color there is in near darkness. TIA for your comments.


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DP119: Colorful


A memento from our last day in the Big Apple about two weekends ago. I’ve been pretty busy at work this past work so taking pictures has been a little bit difficult. I hope to ‘fix’ that this weekend. In the mean time, enjoy this splash of color. TIA for your comments.

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DP118: Self portrait

I’m starting to realize that sometimes the only way to get willing volunteers in your images, is to ……well…….do it yourself. TIA for your comments.

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