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I took my daughter on a school outing today. We went to Sandy Point State Park It was an absolutely beautiful day, so I was pretty sure I’d get a nice beach shot.  I got a few, but it was this one that intrigued me the most. I just wondered what was so important that it could not wait until he either got home or got to work next day. What was so pressing that he could not simply turn of the phone and enjoy the day with his family?  This is not a a judgment against him, but rather a criticism of the rat race we find ourselves in, where work responsibilities are expected to impose on our social lives. I fully understand such demands, having left such a job just over a year ago. Of course, he could just as easily be checking on his sick wife who was unable to make it to the beach today. I guess a picture could be way more than  a thousand words. TIA for your comments.


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