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DP98: Entwined

I thought I’d go for some texture tonight. When you look a little closer at everyday objects, you can find some interesting images. TIA for your comments.


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DP97: Left behind

Found this on a walk through the parking garage at work. You can find some interesting stuff when you look around. Like I mentioned before, I’m looking for stories in my images. This one, I can’t help but think how easily we discard stuff, or even people, who served our purpose for a time. The  guy who left this cup behind was probably very grateful for it while he was drinking his coffee or tea, but when it was done, it was on to other things. Unfortunately we sometimes treat people like this, but you never know, maybe someone will come along who needs a cup….not likely, but who knows. TIA for your comments.

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DP96: Quiet waters and green pastures

Sometimes it is just good to know that someone’s there. TIA for your comments.

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DP95: Locked out or locked in?

This is my second locked gate image. This one I like because I am trying to actively create stories with my images rather than just take a picture and have it end there. I want to be able to spark discussion with my images. Hopefully I am making some progress in that direction. TIA for your comments.

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DP94: Resting place

I found this ‘resting place’ in my daughter’s schoolyard. She turned 5 so I was there to see her give  a short ‘presentation’ to her classmates. I had some time to kill so I walked around some and saw this bench. TIA for your comments.

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DP93: This man’s army

It’s fall, and with fall, come insects and bugs in all shapes and sizes. It just comes with the territory. Ya gotta be prepared. TIA for your comments.

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Found this “notice board” in DC , near to the GW University campus. I never saw one like it and felt it was a novel idea. It was certainly efficient in terms of use of space. I think the processing makes it look like some sort of  weird alien contraption. Kinda reminds me of the Tardis……for  those of you who know what that is ……..:) TIA for your comments.

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