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One thing I can say about this project is that it gets you out of the house and taking a closer look at your surroundings. I dare say I am already learning new stuff from this undertaking. So far, all my images, including this one, are HDR images. I have also made use of Topaz Adjust. This image though, has the added element of  a blue sky courtesy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. The image is of an old stone gateway leading to the ‘backyard’ of the Belair Mansion in Bowie, MD. TIA for your comments and suggestions


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Day 2 of 365 and I’m already getting desperate. This swing set is actually in my neighbor’s backyard. I chose this shot for two reasons (excluding desperation); the color contrast  with green, yellow and natural wood, and the contrast in materials, between the synthetic and the natural. TIA for your comments.

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I decided to start my own ‘project 365’ . I figure that one of the ways I could get better in my photography is to commit to taking out my camera everyday. This first shot is of a pond I recently discovered in my neighborhood about 2 miles from my house. I was driving by and saw this man just staring out over the pond. As I followed his gaze, I saw all this green. What interests me about the composition is the lush greenery in the background and all the dead trees that are poking out of the life giving water. This is an HDR image. I used Photomatix along with my trial version of Topaz Adjust. I shot 3  RAW images with a Nikon D300. TIA for your comments and suggestions.

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