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Sometimes a cup of tea is just what you need….oh well, at least I have a cup.TIA for your comments.


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My wife visited ‘The Big Easy” a few weekends ago and brought these sweets back. They’re good stuff. Admittedly, this image is nothing special, but it did give me a chance to practice my lighting. This was lit from above with an ordinary reading lamp and from camera right with an SB600 triggered remotely from my camera. TIA for your comments.

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DP119: Colorful


A memento from our last day in the Big Apple about two weekends ago. I’ve been pretty busy at work this past work so taking pictures has been a little bit difficult. I hope to ‘fix’ that this weekend. In the mean time, enjoy this splash of color. TIA for your comments.

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DP114: Tree bark

This is a shot of the bark of a fallen tree. I like the brown tones in this on. What I like even more though is that this image is straight out of the camera. I sat for quite some time trying to decide what kind of processing to do. As it turns out, I didn’t need to do anything. TIA for your comments.

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DP108: Spicy

We spent this weekend in the Big Apple. Our last morning there we stumbled upon a flea market. This picture was taken at one of the boots that was selling spices. TIA for your comments.

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DP107: Flaming red

I tried my hand at some PSE processing with this one. Red is not my favorite color, but I like how this turned out. TIA for your comments.

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I got this from a friend of mine who went to Costa Rica for vacation. I thought it was a good subject to focus my macro lens on. I’m also coming up with some other macro ideas as I put the lens through its paces. I also used my AB to throw off the shadow to the left; an opportunity to work on my lighting. TIA for your comments.

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